Welcome to StormFacts.net, a factual Web resource guide to storms in the Atlantic Basin. The site was created in the summer of 2008 as an independent study/Web design project at the Department of Communication at the University of Tampa. Undergraduate student JJ Paolino designed the website; adviser and instructor Donovan Myrie oversaw the design and supplied the content.

StormFacts.net grew from an idea as a resource for journalists covering hurricanes and tropical storms; it is laid out in such a fashion easily and quickly navigated by either computer or cell phone (hence the lack of drop down menus and the absence of graphics). A journalist or meteorologist in a newsroom or in the field can have uncomplicated and direct access to important information.

The idea for StormFacts.net came about during coverage of storms in the 2005 hurricane season. As a freelance field producer for NBC News Channel, Donovan Myrie found himself constantly gathering facts and tidbits to help reporters better understand and accurately cover storms. As the notes grew in number, Myrie had the idea to digitize his efforts for easier dissemination.

A few words of thanks for some folks who are helping put this together: in September of 2008, preliminary content was uploaded to the site for review by a number of meteorologists and reporters around the U.S.


If you’ve stumbled across the page, we hope you enjoy reading the content and watching it grow from an idea and a hodgepodge of info to a well organized and highly useful Web resource. If you have any suggestions, please let us know via the contact us page.